Fain/Kahal "I'll Be Seeing You" Full Orchestra
Carmichael/Parrish "Stardust" Full Orchestra
Mandel "A Time For Love" Small Orchestra
Carmichael/Mercer "How Little We Know" Small Orchestra
Lennon/McCartney "Across the Universe" Small Orchestra 2012
Lennon/McCartney "Because" Small Orchestra 2012
Lennon/McCartney "Come Together" Small Orchestra 2012
Lennon/McCartney "Got to Get You Out of My Life" Small Orchestra 2012
Lennon/McCartney "When I'm Sixty-Four" Small Orchestra 2012
Lennon/McCartney "With a Little Help from My Friends" Small Orchestra 2012
Lennon/McCartney "While My Guitar Softly Weeps" Small Orchestra 2012
Bee Gees "How Do You Mend a Broken Heart?" Small Orchestra 2012
Bee Gees "How Deep is Your Love" Small Orchestra 2012
Bee Gees "More than a Woman" Small Orchestra 2012
Javits/Springer "Santa Baby" Small Orchestra 2012
M. Wilson "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas" Small Orchestra 2012
Autry/Haldeman "Here Comes Santa Claus" Small Orchestra 2012
V. Guaraldi "Christmas Time is Here" Small Orchestra 2012
S. Phillips "Magical Sleigh Ride" Full Orchestra 2010
Hayes/Johnson "Blue Christmas" Full Orchestra 2010
Wilson/Love/Usher "In My Room/Warmth of the Sun" (Medley) Full Orchestra 2010
Cahn/Styne "Let It Snow" Full Orchestra 2010
Cahn/Styne "The Christmas Waltz" Full Orchestra 2010
F. Loesser "What Are You Doing New Years?" Full Orchestra 2010
I. Berlin "Happy Holidays" Full Orchestra 2010
Nelson/Rollins "Frosty the Snowman" Full Orchestra 2010
Russell "Warm December" Full Orchestra 2010
Lennon/McCartney "Here, There, Everywhere" Full Orchestra 2009
S. Phillips/G. Larson "Knight Rider Symphonic Variations" Full Orchestra 2009
S. Phillips "Buck Rogers" (Suite of themes from TV show) Full Orchestra 2009
S. Phillips "The Name of the Game is Kill!" (film score) Full Orchestra 2009
B. Wilson "Little St. Nick" Full Orchestra 2009
S. Phillips "Heaven, The Scriptures & The Wedding" (Suite from "Battlestar Galactica) Full Orchestra 2009
Lennon/McCartney "Fool On The Hill" Full Orchestra 2007
Lennon/McCartney "Oo Bla Di Oo Bla Da" Full Orchestra 2007
Lennon/McCartney "All My Lovin'" Full Orchestra 2006
S. Phillips/G. Larson "Knight Rider" (Theme Only) Full Orchestra 2006
S. Phillips/G. Larson "Battlestar Galactica" (Hollywood Bowl version) Full Orchestra 2004
M. Constant "The Twilight Zone Variations" (recorded by The Boston Pops/John Williams) Full Orchestra 1983
S. Phillips "Battlestar Galactica" (Multiple suites and cues) Full Orchestra 1978-2006
S. Phillips "Cylon Attack/End of the Atlantia" (Suite from "Battlestar Galactica) Full Orchestra 1978
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